Promoting Peace, Love, Equality, & Diversity

Company Statements

Cauhz ™ Clothing Pst:2014. 

 Cauhz™ is a brand that has message that reaches deeper than a brand, but a way of life. 

 Cauhz™ is pronounced like cause, which stands for Cultures All United Harmonizing Zoos™. 

 Here at Cauhz™ Clothing that is what we’re all about, which is spreading Peace, Love, Equality & Diversity. 

 Cauhz™ Clothing is a unisex brand, that appeals to all audiences. 

 To furthermore explain what the Zoos’ part of our acronym means... 

 We live in one of the most diverse countries in the world, if not the most. 

 Just like how diverse zoos are, I relate that to the people living in a city, state, or country. 

 Or how in the in the plains, oceans, rain forests, etc. 

 Each group of animals, whether your a predator, decomposer, or herbivore, we all depend on one another to be able to thrive or prosper. 

 Predators stalk herbivores consume plants in order to digest the carbohydrates from a plant, while the decomposers, decompose the remains of the decaying carcass and use it for energy and nutrients.

 Just how citizens of all statuses high, middle, and lower class all working people of different backgrounds, race, religion, ethic backgrounds, sexually orientations, sexual preferences. 

 We all play a part in society that helps the city grow, prosper, and be family oriented. 

 Such as becoming more energy efficient with windmills, etc, reduce pollution by using more efficient factories, recycling more, littering less, etc. 

 Simply by being conscious of others, helping one another by doing something for a Cauhz™, as in a good deed, an act of kindness, asking someone how tyre doing, or telling them they do matter. 

 Just simply making someones life or day better.